Certified Nursing Assistant

Seneca Healthcare District | Chester, CA

Posted Date 1/26/2018

The Certified Nurse Assistant is a Nursing employee at the basic level of responsibility. The Certified Nurse Assistant carries out tasks supportive and complementary to Nursing practice under the direction of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse.



Perform treatment procedures such as enemas, Dulcolax suppositories, surgical skin preparations, and application of ice packs and heat while assuring patient

Participate in Nursing reports by receiving and contributing to status report of patients.

Take and record vital signs, height, weight, intake and output, and other measurements as applicable in an accurate and precise manner.

Prepare patients for meals and assist in feeding if necessary. Distiibute water and other nourishments according to patients'

Make rounds willingly, anticipate patients' needs, and respond to patient call lights promptly.

Assist with or transport patients.

Collect specimens, label properly, and transport to proper area.

Assist in maintaining a safe and clean environment with well stocked supplies and functioning equipment. Report any malfunctioning equipment to the appropriate personnel.


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Certified Nursing Assistant

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